Wednesday, February 3, 2010


... where there's great art and old buildings and interesting people and food to die for. And no, I'm not talking Italy.

Florence, ALABAMA. Where this week I'm staying with dear friend Pat and visiting these fabulous schools: Underwood Elementary, Riverhill Elementary, Brooks Elementary, and Hibbett Middle School. And that's not all.

I'm also presenting a program at Florence-Lauderdale Library Thursday evening. It's a FABULOUS library with even more fabulous librarians. Jennifer and Jessica have done an amazing job coordinating things with these schools. I feel so well taken care of!

I promise to post pics as soon as possible and pop in here when I can. Just know that me and Ludelphia are out in the world having ourselves all sorts of grand adventures! And we're wishing all of you grand adventures too.


  1. Enjoy! So fun hearing about your visits.

    I've requested your book at my library, by the way.

  2. Yay, for you and Ludelphia! I am so incredibly happy for you, dear heart! Your success makes me smile from the inside out! I will be ordering your book today because I want a hard copy of it! Can't wait to receive it.

    Go, Irene, go!

    Love you, girl,

  3. I've just started Leaving Gee's Bend and I love it!! If I didn't have other things I need to do, I read it straight through!!!

  4. Have fun at Pat's house! Make sure Lexi gets plenty of excercise. Haha she is fun to play with. I love Aunt Pat's house. So many memories there. And don't let Uncle Ronny pick on you too much. If you read this while your there please tell Aunt Pat and Uncle Ronny I said HI!

  5. You got me with the title! Hope your visit to Florence was fun.

  6. Sorry about the heart stopping, go into the panic attack mode, no computer event at my house. But it was a learning curve, you can make it without email and blogging and only twitch a little. Had a great time this weekend with you as my honor guest. I may not eat food for a week, I lie... I made me a banana split this morning. hehehhe
    Ron called last night thinking you was leaving today. He wanted to tell you that you made a huge impression on his children and their friends and all the kids at church were talking about your book and you. PS Kane and Chandler did not get hurt mud riding yesterday... nor did my son but if Mama had known he was taking the babies on the powerlines mud riding... well that might have been another story.


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