Sunday, February 21, 2010


Before I get to my review of Billy Collins' visit, let me share with you a few pics from the past few days:

at Springville Road Regional Library

...where Youth Department manager Grace Slaughter has installed a gorgeous and informative quilt collection (yes, I got her for Stitching Our Stories!)

at Leeds Jane Culbreth Library, where they are raffling off this quilt to help raise funds for a new building!

at University of Montevallo, with the Shelby County Poetry Players, who were a-MAZ-ing!

Okay, now back to Billy.

He was everything I expected him to be: funny, gracious, cocky one minute, self-deprecating the next... my "take away" was what he said about how his poems don't usually arrive via some sort of divine inspiration -- usually it's "irritation" that gets him writing. He said this before reading the poem "Hangover," found here.

Oh, and guess which poem he closed with?? I couldn't believe it, but it was the poem I posted for Poetry Friday!! Cool, huh? See, I told you me and Billy share a very special connection. Maybe if I hadn't been so exhausted after all the above reported activities, he and I might have discussed it over coffee. Alas.

Big thanks, by the way, to everyone who posted at Roundup using my linky tool. It wasn't without its kinks, but all things considered, I think it was a success. I think I will try it again next time I hold a blog contest. Which, if you're paying attention, will probably be in April. Because I want to give away some poetry books for National Poetry Month. Billy Collins' BALLISTICS among them.

Off now to Fairhope, Mobile and Jackson, MS! Details here. SO excited!! Will be back (eventually) with more pictures!


  1. So we read you enjoyed Billy or should I say Mr. Billy since I'm not close to him in my mind or other wise... how did Paul enjoy Billy? Sounds like a nice evening.

    Just remember... Mama says ... That which don't kill us makes us strong... Look at those "presenation" muscles girlfriend you should be in the Olympics.

  2. So glad you got to hear Billy Collins. I heard him a few years back. He's definitely got charisma from the front of the room.

    Enjoy your trip. Sleep well! You're going to need all the energy you can get.


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