Wednesday, February 24, 2010


So I'm back at home, having slept soundly in my very own bed, after a wonderful FABULOUS few days of book events I was so very fortunate to share with my mama. More on this tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I want to share with you a little something special. Yesterday, while driving from Mobile to Jackson, MS, I listened to THE WORLD ACCORDING TO MR. ROGERS. And it was emotional for me, in a big way, which came as something of a surprise. See, I remember watching the program as a child, but I didn't know how much it was embedded in my psyche until I heard the music on the CD, then Mr. Rogers' voice. And his words, that are oh so validating -- and I found out just how important Mr. Rogers has been to my developing person.

One bit that sticks with me this morning was a story he tells about listening to a sermon while he was in seminary, how the preacher was doing everything wrong (according to what Mr. Rogers was being taught), and how the woman beside Mr. Rogers was so moved by the message that she was crying. Mr. Rogers said that he learned something so important from that experience, that he, Mr. Rogers, had come from a place of judgment, but this woman, this listener in need, was open to what the preacher was saying.

Mr. Rogers said this "space between the person doing his or her best to deliver a message of good news and the needy listener is holy ground."

And having been a needy listener... and a person who has delivered a message badly... AND a person who has stood in judgment...I love that.

So, pictures tomorrow. And today, a Tenners Tell All post on the Ups and Downs of publishing. Check it out!


  1. This is really lovely. I've stood in judgment a lot. Mr. Rogers was all kinds of awesome.

  2. Wow. This really resonates with me, Irene!

    I love Mr. Rogers, too...although Lady Elaine Fairchild is terrifying.


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