Friday, March 19, 2010


Writing this post in advance, as I will be tearing up the highway all day -- Virginia Festival of the Book , here I come! I am soooooo looking forward to meeting in person authors I've known only through words on pages and screen.

Now. For Poetry Friday. There was this poem yesterday that blew me away. You can read it here, on Sara Lewis Holmes' blog. Seriously good stuff.

For more great poems, check out roundup at Some Novel Ideas .

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  1. Okay... it was beyond bizarre when I learned of the title of your book from Lindsey Leavitt's contest blog entry, then I click here and see photos of people & places I know and love...

    Sorry let me start over...

    I was born & raised in Camden. I now reside in Tuscaloosa, I am a writer working furiously towards the end of my current manuscript, I blog and have met some of the most amazing authors. Somehow though I have only just now discovered you.

    I love Black Belt Treasures - is it not fabulous? I wish it had been there 10 years ago when I was still in High School! But it is wonderful to stop in every time I visit my parents. (Kristin graduated with my sister & used to be my ;o) )

    I will ramble on & on if I don't stop now! lol

    It is a pleasure to discover your site and more so your story. Thank you. Gee's Bend, Camden, true rural Alabama is a special place that still holds the BEST parts of being Southern. I hope you also stopped in at Gainesridge...if not make Black Bottom Pie your next culinary goal...heaven!

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