Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Okay, so I am just brimming with ideas, inspiration, etc., after a fabulous few days.

First, my visit with W.J. Carroll Intermediate School. Get this: they read on the jacketflap bio that I learned to stitch on sewing cards, which, unfortunately, they don't make any more.

So, they made their own! And gave them to me!! And I love them!!!

Thank you thank you thank you.

Now this picture just doesn't do these smart gorgeous kids justice. I'm sorry it's fuzzy. Because they weren't fuzzy at all. Sharp cookies, all of them. I do hope our paths cross again.

Next stop: Virginia Festival of the Book in Charlottesville. Oh my goodness, what fun! Not only did I get to room with the lovely Amy Brecount White, with whom I have SO MUCH in common, and could TALK FOR DAYS, but I also got to hang out with 2k10 classmates Jennifer R. Hubbard and Bonnie Doerr.

And that's not all. I met so many amazing writers. And ate good food. And heard great stories. Especially at dinner Saturday night, with this rowdy crew: Bonnie Doerr, P.J. Hoover, Barrie Summey, Fran Cannon Slayton, Suzanne Williams Morgan, Stacy Nyikos.

And then there was my school visit at Fairview Elementary in Heiskell, TN.

Oh MY. Awesome is not nearly a big enough word.

The best part was my sister was there... and she took pictures! Which I will share. Especially this one AMAZING surprise librarian Jenny Paynter had in store for me. Can NOT wait to share. But need a picture to do it justice.

Stay tuned!!! Meanwhile, big thanks to Joan Broerman for featuring me on her blog. Thanks, Joan!


  1. It looks like you're having a grand time with all of this! How fun!Congrats!

  2. How touching to think of all the behind-the-scenes work that went into those cards! You're making a difference, Irene. What a gift!

  3. Wonderful! What a fun trip. I cannot wait to see more pics.

    Thanks for stopping by the Kingdom yesterday ;o)

    Visit My Kingdom Anytime

  4. Sounds like you had a great time... I need to go to a book festival sometime soon

  5. It was so wonderful meeting you, Irene! Let's look forward to next year :)

  6. It was great meeting you. And THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SHARING YOUR DINNER!!


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