Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Hey, remember that drought we had a few years back?

Well. Not this summer. And I for one am pretty happy about that. Even though it made for a wet evening at THE MIRACLE WORKER. It also made it an adventure complete with umbrellas and wet britches and frizzy hair. We had a blast!

And who remembers being young and dashing out into a late afternoon gullywasher? I've written poems about just such a scene:

And what about fun in a creek? These pics were taken at Butler Creek where the rocks are slippery, the water warm and the leeches only a little bit thirsty... Eric, who lives by superlatives, said it was "the best creek ever." And the adventure contined when Ronnie went to back the truck out of there and the wheels spun and spun, then sank into the river gravel... yep, took a boom truck to get that baby out. Fun!! Big thanks to Pat for making it such a memorable time. xxoo


  1. Oh, I need that picture of the truck Blackmail you know. Eric is a doll and I loved him being a grandkid for a few days.
    Hey Eric, I'm touching you...hehehehe

  2. What a way to turn a rainy day into a fun day!


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