Sunday, September 12, 2010


You know how sometimes life comes at you so fast you can hardly keep up? Yeah. That's how things have been for me lately. Here are the highlights:

1. This adorable baby boy whom I have had the privilege and honor of loving just turned SWEET SIXTEEN!! We are currently car shopping... and taking him tomorrow to get his license. He's a responsible driver so far, but it still makes me worry.

2. Spent some quality time with one of my most favorite people on the planet: my sister Lynn (below). Love you, sweet girl.

3. Said "goodbye" to one of my other most favorite people: my granddaddy (below). He was 93. But it still didn't feel like enough time.

He died just four months after my grandmother -- his wife of 68 years. I have talked about them here before... I learned so much from them about love and how to live a life. I feel so lucky to have known them.

4. What was once FINISHING SCHOOL FOR HOPELESS ROMANTICS has been retitled: THE COLOR OF LOST ROOMS. Working very hard with editor to get this poetry manuscript ship-shape before we move to the next stage.

5. Working on the backside of my charm quilt. Yeah... decided I wanted it double-sided, so I've been cutting larger-size blocks. I think it will make a nice variation. Will share pics when I get to that point!

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  1. The Color of Lost Rooms is a wonderful title.

    Sorry for the loss of your grandfather, but I'm happy to hear of all the other news!


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