Thursday, November 11, 2010


Ready for another great family story? Me too! Gosh, I am loving FAMILY STORIES MONTH! Thanks to everyone who has been sending me stories in response to these posts. I love it!!

Okay, today's writing prompt:

Share a story about a secret hiding spot from childhood.

My story involves this movie:

Our family had this movie on disk -- some movie technology that was popular for a very short time before they came up with VHS. And a movie we watched over and over again was THE TEN COMMANDMENTS.

We were fascinated by the story of Moses, of his relationship with Queen Nefertiti and Rameses. So fascinated that we created a whole imaginary world inspired by this movie and all things Egypt.

We lived across the street from a giant pasture with a creek winding its way through the middle. That was The Nile (of course), and we named the two giant oak trees that straddled the creek Nephertiti and Rameses. We rode the ponies over and created all sorts of magical scenarios, all inspired by what we knew of Egypt from this movie, our trip there when we were younger, and what we could learn in books.

And this became our secret hiding spot. Our very own kingdom where we made the rules and everything happened according to our imaginations.

Our Egypt.

Lynn and MJ, I seriously cannot imagine my childhood without it. As much as I think I'd like to write about our experiences in a novel, I fear I could never do it justice.

Any writers out there have a similar feeling about some real-life adventure? Like it was so very important that you can't fictionalize it?

Sacred. I guess that's the word I'm thinking. So sacred I know I must tell my story. But maybe not as fiction??

Tell your story!


  1. Mine was the 18 inches of snow New Year's Eve 1963
    Lord the fun we had and the meanest we... oh okay I... did. Unlike you Irene, I have wrote about the Grapevine at Granny's and about the snow...I might have to post my "Adults Don't Like Snow" story at my blog. Thanks Irene

  2. There was a small field behind my house that divided our backyard from the backyards one street over. People dumped their used Christmas trees there. I remember the year my brother and I went around and collected enough fir, pine, and cedar hulks to build a dried tree fort. What fun we had. And oh, that lovely aroma still stirs memories.


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