Sunday, November 7, 2010


I'm not sure how it happened, but here we are in week #2 of FAMILY STORIES MONTH!

I didn't plan this exactly, but talk about living the blog theme: I just spent a lovely three days with my mother and sister in a quiet little cabin where we talked family stories, scanned old photographs, scrapbooked AND took new family photographs. It was precioussweetwonderfulunforgettable.

Since I was the one driving, it got me thinking about the following prompt:

Share a story about being pulled over for speeding.

I have more of these stories than I should probably admit to. The good news is not many of them actually resulted in tickets. But I do have a "lead foot," as my papa used to say. He also was quick to say I inherited that trait from my mother. And I do recall from driving lessons that my mom told me it was okay to drive five miles over the speed limit --- but my dad said I should drive five miles under the limit.

So, yeah, I like to GO. Driving, for me, has always been a great time for setting things in order. My mind responds well to the monotony, and lordy, I have schemed and dreamed and conjured and remembered for many a mile! Every now and then the lead foot does fall.

So, let's see, the last time: March of this year, somewhere in Virginia. I was alone, on my way to Charlottesville for the book festival. That cop was just itching to pull someone over... and perhaps my Alabama tag was just too much enticement. Anyhow, I used to feel all embarrassed, like oh man, someone CAUGHT ME DOING SOMETHING WRONG. The shame!!

The older and wiser me is like, yeah, whatever, let's get this over with so I can move on.

Tell your story!


  1. I've not been pulled over much... might be that I out run them. The one time I remember most is when I was in a really big hurry...late, late for a very important date and had my driver's license out and waiting when the officer got to my car. He asked, "Did you know you was speeding?' I said, "Well yeah, I'm late." He asked," Will you be speeding after we're through here?" I said, "Well yeah, I'll still be late, but I might be a little later if you don't give me a ticket."
    He didn't!

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