Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Welcome to another edition in celebration of FAMILY STORIES MONTH!

Today's story prompt: Share a story about how you or someone in your family spent school recess.

I do remember playing hospcotch and jacks, but I avoided all other games/sports because I didn't think I was very good at them. I hated PE so much that I would do pretty much anything to get out of it.

Actually, I think this is due more to the fact of my introversion than athletic abilities. To be at bat? *shudder*

So I made creative arrangements with teachers through the years: I cleaned chalkboards, banged erasers. In high school I helped Coach with the bus schedules. I learned early that making myself useful in other ways was a strategy to avoid doing the things I didn't particularly like.

But my most memorable recess was a story I tell when I make presentations about LEAVING GEE'S BEND. It has to do with how my mom made clothes for me, and how they were NOT cool. So everyday I changed into other clothes on the school bus. And this worked beautifully! Until one day.

I was on the monkey bars at recess. I looked up, and there was my mother, sauntering down the sidewalk. She flashed me a smile. I looked down at my clothes and remembered what I had done. I'm sure my face was enough to give me away, but I silently prayed, don't let her see.

But she did see. All she said to me was, "that was not what you wore to school today." Then she continued on her way to check out my brother who had gotten sick and called her from school.

I had the rest of that school day to worry about what was going to happen to me when I got home. Recess was never the same after that.

Tell YOUR story!


  1. I was the tomboy, best at ... not braging ... at everything. You name it, I played it. I could out run the boys, out wrestle the boys and cheer do hand stands with the girls. My dresses were hand me downs, not from a sister since I don't have one but from cousins because my mother said the life span of my dresses were less than a month. I was the kid in class that laughted at girls like Irene but I wouldn't let the boys be mean to them either. Oh yea, if I did lose it was always someone else that made me because as my nephew Scott says, "I am a winner...I am not a loser."

  2. What happened at home??

    And I loved jacks as a girl.


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