Monday, November 1, 2010


Hello, and welcome to November, aka FAMILY STORIES MONTH!

And since I adore family stories, I am dedicating my blog adventures this month to promoting the recording of family stories. I hope you'll join me -- because everyone has a story to tell.

The way it will work is this: every post I create during November will include a FAMILY STORIES MONTH prompt. Your job is to write. And share. Very important, that sharing part!

Okay. Here goes. Prompt #1:

Share a story about a funny moment you witnessed at a wedding.

The funny moment that leaps to my mind is not from a family wedding -- well, not technically family. It was the wedding of a girl I once babysat. She looked SO BEAUTIFUL, and the church was one of those out of a fairy tale... then the priest got up there and asked the groom: "Do you take this woman, to be your lawfully wedded HUSBAND?"

Ummm, hello, that would be WIFE to you, Mister! The congregation laughed, and it probably helped make everyone more comfortable. Heck, now that I think about it, the priest may be onto something!

Another wedding (besides my own!) that comes to mind is my parents'. That's them pictured above... at their FIRST wedding. Yep, they got married, got divorced, got married again, then got divorced again! I (along with all my siblings) was there for the second wedding. And I remember it as such a special day. It was like our whole family got married. I would imagine that I am still in a minority when I say, "hey, I was at my parents' wedding!"

Love is such an intensely personal thing. When Paul and I look back on our own wedding, which was small, we think we should have done it even smaller. Like, just hop on down to that little chapel at Bellingrath Gardens, just the two of us. Sweet....

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  1. I have to share a book of family stories (though not pretty ones) with my poet-friend: LIVES LIKE LOADED GUNS: EMILY DICKINSON AND HER FAMILY'S FEUDS. Have you read this yet?? Fascinating.


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