Thursday, November 18, 2010


Tonight I'm traveling to Huntsville to talk quilts and stories with the Heritage Quilters! I'm super-excited, because I love talking quilts and stories. Especially during FAMILY STORIES MONTH.

One of the props I am bringing is the little green dress featured in a photograph of wee me:

Isn't it sweet?

My mother made it - smocking and everything.

When I think about her as a young mother of two active sons and still-nursing infant me, I wonder where in the world she found the time to do the stitching. Was it while we were all sleeping? Why did she choose green gingham? Where did she get the smocking pattern? Was she taking a class?

These are the kind of questions I need answers to in order to preserve this family story. Fortunately my mama is still around to answer them. But she won't always be. That's precisely why it's so important to tell these family stories now.

So today's writing prompt is this:

Share a story about a handmade garment or quilt or some other something made out of fabric.

I'd like to write a whole series of these. Perhaps I will!

Tell your story.

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