Sunday, November 21, 2010


This is one of my treasures: a favorite recipe written out for me in my grandmother's own handwriting.

I love the way she made the recipe her own and noted her changes.

I love every stain on the paper, because it shows how well-loved this recipe has been by my family all these years.

I love how my youngest son lists this recipe as his very favorite and made sure I was making this year, even though I am not cooking a traditional Thanksgiving meal.

And this year, the first Thanksgiving Grandma Dykes is not with us, I especially love the many ways she injected sweetness into my life.

Notice I've made her recipe my own as well: balls instead of logs.

Now. In honor of FAMILY STORIES MONTH, I offer you the following prompt:

Share a story about a memorable family meal.

Tell your story!

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  1. Ah! My story:
    My family was eating out for my brothers' (Eric and Scott) birthday. We were eating at Red Lobster. Well when you get Eric and Scott together, things can get a little crazy. They were joking around, and finally made my dad laugh so hard while he was drinking, his drink came back out the way it went in. Good thing the chairs had wheels on them, or the people sitting across from my dad would've gotten soaked! Now every time our family goes out to eat, we always joke around by saying "Better not make Dad laugh. These chairs don't have wheels."


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