Wednesday, April 20, 2011


... because Awesome Librarian Carol York of Gadsden Public Library got a grant to buy all these wonderful poetry books!
And last night I got to see Carol and speak to an attentive audience. We even wrote a poem together based on this painting.
(Girl with Lantern by Helen Turner)

Heading to Orange Beach, Alabama, today for the Alabama Library Association Conference where I am speaking at tomorrow's breakfast and accepting the Children's Book Award at lunch. And my father will be there.

Happy National Poetry Month, indeed!


  1. I love the picture of Carol beaming over all the poetry and the Girl with Lantern and you with your father beaming, I'm certain, while you accept the award. You certainly know how to make a wonderful April! Congratulations on tomorrow's honor!

  2. You know, I really do think life is a dance… you start out with fast steps that you dance alone, then you slow it down and dance cheek to cheek with your love, then your back to fast to raise your heart rate and burn calories, then you back to slow… almost like redoing old memories only in slow motion. Except for me of course… I do the “Lets Dance” challenge and WIN


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