Sunday, April 17, 2011


During a Q & A session last week, one of the kids asked, "What's your favorite word?"

I said,

The kid was confused. He repeated the question. (I guess he was expecting something like supercalifragilistic or somesuch.)

And yes, I have been known to put "yes" in a poem. Is there a word with more possibility?

It's featured in today's poem at Garrison Keillor's Writer's Almanac, entitled "God Says Yes to Me" by Kaylin Haught.

And it's in the title of the book I'm currently reading: OPERATION YES by Sara Lewis Holmes.
This one has been on my nightstand since Sara and I were on a panel together at a book festival last year in Charlottesville, Virginia. In the first chapter, the awesome Mrs. Loupe tells the class, THEATER IS THE ART OF SAYING YES.

I would say, LIFE is the art of saying yes.

What's great about YES is how it's like a door opening. There's mystery and satisfaction and wonder. But at the same time, it makes you hungry, eager, alive. Know what I mean?


Your thoughts?