Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Life sometimes throws us challenges and sorrow and heartbreak that simply cannot be expressed in words.

At least that's how it seems. Until poetry rises to the challenge.

Take this Mary Oliver poem, for instance. When a dear poet/friend's daughter was dying, he took great comfort in these words.

Turns out, poetry does the same thing for the happiest, most joyful times in our lives -- the moments we feel most grateful, most connected to others, most immersed in the experience of being human. This poem by Sharon Olds, for instance.

I haven't found my poem yet for today, but I'd like to share some pictures of something that touched me deeply:

Thank You Notes from Mrs. Ward's 7th grade class (Alabama Christian Academy)!

And here are some close-ups of some of my favorites:

Isn't this version of Ludelphia precious?

A Ludelphia Love Poem (to Mama, of course!) -- SO creative!

And these notes specifically about the poetry presentation:

One of the bits of wisdom Beth Ward came out of her childhood with was "if you love someone, tell them."

Or, put another way: express your appreciation. Which is what she did by sending me all these wonderful notes. I will treasure them always. And I vow to do better at expressing my appreciation. Probably in a poem.

What poems speak to you during the highest and lowest moments?


  1. you always have such sweet kids at your school visits. You are touching hearts, one school at a time.

  2. What colorful treasures! Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to seeing you in June! :0)


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