Friday, May 6, 2011


What to say about my visit to Monroeville, Alabama?

It was AWESOME! I was thrilled to finally FINALLY visit the "Literary Capital of Alabama," home of literary giants Harper Lee and Truman Capote.

Crissy Nettles, who owns only one of the best, most inviting independent bookstores EVER, snuck me into the closed courthouse for these pics:

Then we had ice cream and posed next to what remains of Truman Capote's house. Wow, windy day!

Later, Pat Nettles, who was my most gracious host/tour guide (also Crissy's mother-in-law), took me to visit Sam Williams the potter, where I bought a bowl we have used every single night since my return. What's super-cool about Sam (besides his gorgeous pottery) is that his accounting system consists of a legal pad and a cigar box. I was honored when he came to the bookstore event that evening. Thanks, Sam!

And now the bookstore: Beehive Coffee & Books. When Crissy showed me the before/after pics of the renovation, I saw just how much love went into this place. It's been three years, and several people told me how great the store had been for the community, how much Crissy had done for Monroeville.

Here's some pics:

Meet Pat who contributed to the spread of incredible southern tasties brought by other members of the Monroeville Friends of the Library, who were so sweet, and made me feel so at home, that by the time the evening was over, I was about ready to buy a house, just for the weekends!

And this little bit of wonderful: it reminds me of my third grade teacher, Mrs. Fattig, whose husband was a plumber, so she brought in a big bathtub, set it up in the corner of her room, filled it with cushions and made it a reading spot. Love!

And back to the Queen Bee, Crissy, who affectionately refers to her employees as "the honeybees." This is one creative, inspiring woman, folks. Please go to Monroeville and say hello and have a cup of coffee and buy that book you've been craving.
Thanks for everything, Crissy. And good luck this weekend with Alabama Writers Symposium. No doubt, it will be awesome too. xo


  1. Wow, what a wonderful visit! Hope to get there someday, as I love both Capote and Lee :).

  2. Why didn't you take me I love love love potters...I want to go.... Sheila I feel a girl trip coming on


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