Tuesday, May 10, 2011


When I visit schools, I always include a bit about letters that I have received. The kids immediately assume I'm talking about FAN mail, which I'm not.

Instead, I share rejection letters. So they'll know what it's really like, and how they too can be rejected again and again, then, eventually, get that oh-so-happy news.

But today I want to share some favorite snippets from recent FAN MAIL. That's right. Little Ludelphia has made friends everywhere she goes!

"I go to Straughn Middle School and everyone is real happy you came. Not just because you got them out of class but because you inspired us."

"I really love your book...because it has mixed emotions and I can relate to Ludelphia."

"OMG! Mrs. Cobb is horrible!"

"Thank you for the bookmark. I realy[sic] need one because I was useing [sic] a stickypad."

"Ludelphia is an awesome name. I like how it goes along with Philadelphia."

And this one, from Mrs. Teresa Galbraith, Assistant Principal at Monroe County High school in Monroeville, Alabama:

"Yesterday, I was in the library speaking with our Future Teachers of Alabama, and one of the young men in that club came up to me with a signed copy of your book from the Beehive Bookstore. He was so proud of his copy of the book and he wanted to talk about the story and the characters. His excitement was refreshing and contagious. It was a wonderful thing to see. I want you to know that you definitely made a difference in at least one life."

One life. That's makes every single moment worthwhile, doesn't it?

I am honored and humbled and so very grateful to know each of you, even in the tiniest ways. Thank you for being part of my story.

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  1. You make a difference with more than your book, my friend. Love your book but you're so special ....you need to be a character in a book. A girl with courage, imagination, love, charity, who has a guarded heart but a pure soul.


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