Friday, June 17, 2011


1. I'm in San Diego!

Reading/signing/fun this afternoon with the lovely Jame Richards & Janet S. Fox at The Yellow Book Road, 4:30 pm.

2. Tomorrow we'll be presenting "How to Put the Y in YA Historical Fiction" at 2011 Historical Novel Society conference. For updates,etc., follow #hns11 on Twitter.

3. I have written 8 - that's right: EIGHT!!! - poems since last weekends Poetry Retreat. (Was I in a rut, or was I in a rut?! Holy moly, so very wonderful when the words fly. Or DIVE, as the case may be....)

4. I'm reading Gary Schmidt's LIZZIE BRIGHT AND THE BUCKMISTER BOY. If I'd read this one first, I would have known just what to expect with OKAY FOR NOW. I've already dog-eared a bunch of pages to revisit.

5. After San Diego, no appearances for me for a while. We are homeschooling youngest son, so I will be keeping it close to home for the next calendar year. I'm excited about this new chapter. (Aren't new chapters awesome?)

Happy Friday, all! Don't forget Poetry Friday Roundup with Jone at Check it Out.


  1. Retreat, conference, words flowing -- yay for all the great news!

  2. Isn't San Diego a wonderful place?! Great weather, by the ocean- heavy sigh. Good luck with your homeschooling!


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