Saturday, June 18, 2011


Here we are at YELLOW BOOK ROAD signing books:

Here's the books I brought home: (other authors, do you have this affliction, too? Every signing I go to, I end up buying a slew of books!)

Another pic at the signing, this one with owner-extraordinaire Ann Weiner:

If you're looking for me and Jame at the hotel, go to the 12th floor and look for this Sweet & Low packet. (We are VERY sweet & low, let me tell you.)

Okay, have you ever seen a conference goodie bag with real, ACTUAL books??! Here's what each of the 300 attendees get to take home:

...and not just books. SWAG. Lots.

The best part so far: reconnecting with Jame Richards and Janet Fox. Love those gals!


  1. learn lots and then share with your North Alabama friends

  2. You are the best. The. Best. The highlight of the conference for me? Connecting again with you and Jame. Hugs!!


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