Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Debra's post at Four Angels Momma on the Casey Anthony verdict made me want to write a post of my own.

First, I should admit that I haven't followed the court case AT ALL. I try to avoid news as a general rule, but I do read the headlines on my internet home page. Sometimes I even click through for more details.

I haven't done that once with the Casey Anthony trial.

I don't know if she had any part in her daughter's death and can't speak of evidence or lack thereof.

All I know is that a child's life ended too soon and for no reason.

I also know that I have always considered motherhood to be one of the greatest blessings in my life. Like Debra, I cannot imagine waiting 31 days to report my child as missing. Most moms I know are super-caring and take the task of motherhood very seriously. They make sacrifices, they do the best they can to meet the needs of their children -- many times placing those needs above their own individual needs.

There are all sorts of ways to do motherhood right, so many paths to being a responsible parent raising responsible children. We all put our individual stamp on it, and that stamp shifts and changes as we learn and grow and the needs of our children change.

I've always believed that motherhood is the most important thing I will ever do in my life. Motherhood is my opportunity to make a difference in the world. Like the bumper sticker says, MOTHERHOOD IS SACRED.

And this is not to say that those who aren't mothers don't have their own important life journeys and opportunities. I just know motherhood is mine. I am so very grateful for the experience -- hardships and all.

And so I'm sad today for that little girl who will never grow up. And I'm sad for Casey Anthony's mother (and father) too. Look at what they have endured in the name of parenthood. So much grief.


  1. Hi Irene,

    This case caught my attention when it was first brought out into the public eye and my heart broke for that little girl. In so many ways, she reminded me of my own daughters and how trusting and innocent they were. Because the trial began several hours earlier in the morning here on the West Coast, I decided to watch most of it during the early morning hours. I have not yet been able to sit on a jury because of my health issues and so I felt compelled to watch the live trial as it happened. I was also infuriated by the way that this baby was just tossed out like a piece of trash and my maternal instinct kicked in. I wanted to decide for myself if a mother was capable of such a thing. I heard the evidence. I put the pieces into place and I came to the absolute conclusion that the only person who could have killed this baby was her mother. The 31 days made it obvious that it was not an accident and that she discarded her child after murdering her and came up with a scheme.

    Like you, I believe that motherhood is sacred. Regardless as to how our children come to us, we have a duty to love, protect and put them above everything else and to see a mother who deliberately murdered her child get away with it, makes me sick to my stomach. It sounds like you took in very little of the details of this case and you too, know that something terrible happened here.

    Thank God for good, loving, wonderful mothers who take their life's work seriously as you do, Irene. Sadly, Caylee's life was silenced by someone who didn't deserve her. I, too, am heartbroken for the rest of this family. Their lives will never be the same and unless they totally disappear and move to a remote island, putting together the broken pieces of what is left is very unlikely.

    I hope that things are well with you and that your lovely family is healthy and growing beautifully!


  2. I'm with you , Irene. Good post. And I'm so glad to know I'm not the only one who avoids the news!


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