Friday, July 8, 2011


Tomorrow I will pick up two boys from camp(where online pics reveal they've had all kinds of fun), and deliver the third to a bus that will take him and his cross country teammates to a distance running camp in North Carolina.

I love the ever-changing days of summer because they bear no resemblance to the monotonous school year.

I'm just sad that it's disappearing so quickly. Just one month from today is the first day of school for one of mine.

One month!

Makes me want to plan some home-stretch adventures.

So. My summer is a revolving door. For Poetry Friday, I challenge you to come up with a metaphor for YOUR summer!

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  1. Part of me misses the quiet "rut," but summer means my back door is always revolving with high schoolers (and now college students) in and out. My daughter just finished her first year away at school, and it's been wonderful having her home!

    So I have a new appreciation for the summer chaos, as we're all in and out and meeting up with old friends. Wishing you all and your boys a great final stretch.

  2. Yes, Robyn but then they are really gone and have families of their own and the great adventure of doing what you wanted to do with your kids and didn't have time or money because you was young but that isn't a problem now fun.
    My sad part is one of grandbabies is were your kids are and Granny is being pushed way down the list :(

  3. I remember those days well. You would think once they're all grown and gone the door would stop revolving, but these days, I'm the one rumbling in and out of it. It's been a crazy summer!


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