Tuesday, August 16, 2011


You know when the publisher goes ALL OUT that house expectations for a book are high. Such was the case with THE EMERALD ATLAS by John Stephens.(View Random House's website for this book here.)

There's nothing particularly original here (think very simplified LORD OF THE RINGS and/or HARRY POTTER), but that's okay. It's got lots of adventure, magical elements, and characters you want good things to happen to (and instead, bad things happen to). Give it to your readers who enjoyed THE SPIDERWICK CHRONICLES or A SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS. They will enjoy with this one too. And, as series books are often King of the Marketplace, this book is only the first. So there's the whole anticipatory factor to build upon.

I know there are plenty of readers for this book. Which is why I don't feel bad saying it wasn't for me. I just didn't feel it.

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  1. Good cover, don't you think? I'm reading Tighter by Adele Griffin liking it so far but it is high end YA a little lanuage problem for me... like in bad words that I know kids say but I don't want to read them and I don't want my 12-15 year old to read them. Story line is great but their is many sub-characters living and dead. And for me, the author did a unforgiveable no-no... main character's name is Jamie and main dead character's name is Jessie... I'll let you know if it is part of the plot.

  2. Thanks for your reaction. My 9 yo son likes Spiderwick a lot and read the first two of Harry Potter. Maybe the subsequent books seem too long for him. I'll check it out.

  3. Hi Irene,

    Thanks for the review. Here is a genre that I should explore and beef up in my classroom library. I do not tend to gravitate to books with magical elements, adventure, etc. so a nudge to do so is appreciated. Happy Reading!



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