Thursday, August 11, 2011


1. Back to School! Today I watched Eldest Son drive off to start his junior year. Middle Son started back this past Monday, and Youngest Son and I are two months into our homeschool adventure, which started this past June.

The alarm clock rings far too early. But it will allow us to get into some sort of a more formal routine. Which might be good. We'll see.

2. Doughnuts Guess what just moved into the building that sits in front of our Wal-Mart?


And guess who has zero willpower when it comes to doughnuts??

Oh, you lemon filled lovelies! How you tempt!

3. Why Yellow? That's the question Doraine asked about the redesign of ye ol' blog.

Short answer: my son did it. To match my business cards. (The header is only temporary -- he's working on something "cool," he said.)
Longer answer: There's something about yellow, isn't there? And because of your question, Doraine, I had to write a poem about yellow. And I liked it so much I submitted it to a magazine. We'll see what happens.

4. Picture Books Yes. Reading LOTS of these for my class. I'm finding myself to be a bit finicky... my taste has certainly evolved since reading picture books to my kids. It's really interesting to read the 2010 and 2011 releases as a writer. I'll be sharing some of these along the way, and I plan to do a wrap-up post of my top five at the end of the six week course. Stay tuned!

And what's up in your world?? Do tell!


  1. I know Andrew loves that :)
    I'm going to the Library and look at some of the new picture books.
    Been thinking about that Pride one and think I've come up with a theme to fit the title More than a Horse. Next time we talk I'll share it with you

  2. oh just read my post and to make it clear... Andrew and doughnuts equal very happy boy... like mother like son but of course he doesn't want that yuck filling or yuck flavors.

  3. Can't wait to read your yellow poem. :)

  4. Yellow and doughnuts! My life is complete :). Looking forward to reading your poem . . .


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