Friday, August 12, 2011


I've been reading a wonderful book:
POETRY FROM A To Z: A Guide for Young Writers by Paul B. Janeczko. Not only does it contain some lovely poems from all sorts of poets on all sorts of subjects, it also includes exercises and inspiring quotes from those poets.

My favorite:

"If you want to write poetry, you must have poems that deeply move you. Poems you cannot live without. I think of a poem as the blood in a blood transfusion, given from the heart of the poet to the heart of the reader. Seek after poems that live inside you, poems that move through your veins."

- Ralph Fletcher

Today I will be writing from a couple of the exercises in this book.
For more poetry, visit Karen for Poetry Friday Roundup!


  1. I agree, Irene. This is a wonderful book. I've used it with students, and the exercises work very well. I hope you'll post some of the poems you write from the exercises!

  2. always the poet.... blood in a blood transfusion... me thinks that work stuck more than you know :) You are my poem... you was sent to me to make see, listen, smell, taste, touch if for no other reason but to make you happy. I love your poems and I've decide I'm going to look up some other poems I love and post them at my blog. Happy now friend, I'll be the nurse that sticks in the needle for that blood transfusion. hehehehe can't you just see that!

  3. Oooo...I may have to pick up this book. Sounds great! I love the idea of poems that move through your veins.


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