Friday, October 7, 2011


1. I have quilts to share:

This one I am completely in love with. And these are not colors I would typically choose. They aren't in my fashion palette. But for some reason they feel like ME right now. So I'm using this one on my side of the bed. :)

That centerpiece in this one? It's from a pillow my mom made for me when I was 13 years old. When I found it in my basement, it was all slobber-stained and butter-smooth from lots of use. And now it's in a cute little quilt I use to cover my legs while I write in the recliner by the window.

2. I'm training for the 2012 Mercedes Marathon. No, I am not a runner. But I love having goals. And I don't have great aspirations -- as long as I come in before the balloon lady (she sets the ending pace of 6 hours), I will be one happy gal.

3. I got some really good poetry news this week. Will share as soon as I am able! Meanwhile, don't miss Poetry Friday Roundup with Mary Ann at Great Kids Books.

4. I'm retreating this weekend with some dear writer friends, and man, do I have some work to do on the wip. I'm ready!

5. It's family picture time, and when I asked the boys what color we should wear, two of them said, at the very same time, "purple." Jinx!! They were shocked when I actually came home later from Kohl's with a bag full of purple shirts! Will post. :)

Happy Weekend, everyone!


  1. Real men can wear pink or purple... they'll be handsome wearing any color.

  2. Purple's my favorite color. ;0) As Furman alumni and with a daughter there now, we're used to seeing purple shirts on everyone. The quilts are terrific! Thanks for sharing their stories. And congrats on your soon-to-be-revealed poetic news - happy retreating.


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