Saturday, December 10, 2011


There are a few things that must happen for it to really be Christmas:

1. I must see my sister.
2. I must see my mama.
3. I must go to Pat's house.

1. and 2. haven't happened yet this year, but I do want to share the following pics so you can get an idea of the Wonderland Pat creates inside her home:

What starts out like this.......

Turns into this:

 The magical part is that it really does feel like magic, although I know that, in fact, Pat spends HOURS disassembling, dragging out, and reassembling.

It's one of her passions.

And then she shares that passion in an annual Open House. Which is TONIGHT for those of you lucky enough to know her.

I will be decking other halls tonight, but I did experience the magic of Pat's house last weekend. I also shot some video of Pat telling the stories behind some of these decorations that I will share as soon as I get around to editing it!

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