Monday, December 12, 2011


Now that it's nearly the middle of December, I've been reflecting on my One Little Word for 2011, which was:


(What's a One Little Word? Click here for my January 2011 post).

After the frenzy of 2010, 2011 has definitely been a year of quiet and retreat. I feel like I have returned to my center, or have discovered a new center, after the broadening experience of delivering a book to the world in such a public way.

I've made some important decisions this year about how I want to spend my time and energy. My dreams have shape-shifted the way June clouds tend to do. I have a clear-er idea of what I want and what I'm willing to do to get it.

Mostly this involves learning what I'm NOT willing to do. I've learned a lot about the word "no" this year. I've learned its power and its grace. "No" can be every bit as deep as "yes."

I've written thousands of words this year, many of them in poetic form, and some of them in memoir form. (I even wrote a manuscript of poems entitled DEEPER THAN BLUE!) I have never gone as deep before, never felt as connected emotionally. I'm learning so much about myself and life.

And love. Always, always love.

And now I'm looking ahead to 2012. I'm thinking about where I want to go and what word will serve as my guide. There are two words competing for my attention at this moment -- I'll announce my decision January 1.

More to come before then!

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  1. memories of past Christmas, joy of present and hope for future all make the spirit everyone is always looking for at this time of year. All the good, giving,kind, joyful emotions are with us all year long but most only show this side in Dec.
    Soungs like you had a good time at your mother's... glad and have magical Christmas


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