Monday, January 16, 2012


What to say about THE IRON LADY?

1. It's a history lesson.

2. It's a girl-power film.

3. And what I wasn't expecting:  it's a love story.

And that's why I loved it. What an inspiration M.T. was/is. I loved learning about her childhood as daughter of a grocer -- and how it was her father's experience as a small businessman that informed her politics.

Whatever your political opinions, I don't think anyone can argue with M.T.'s go-get 'em, fighting spirit. She was a leader who didn't just talk about things, she was a woman of action. And that is something to admire and aspire to.

Something I learned: leadership didn't exactly come naturally to M.T. She had to develop traits in herself -- and be open to "playing the game" and to improving herself. (See the movie!) 

And yes, Meryl Streep is brilliant. Nothing new there. She totally deserved the Golden Globe award she won last night. Keep the good roles coming!

Fingers crossed the awards THE ARTIST won will bring that film to a Birmingham theater. Must see!


  1. I'd read reviews that of course praised Meryle Streep, but I wasn't expecting so much more, which like you, moved me. I loved the love story, too, and the evocation of time passing and memory. And yes it was an inspiration!

    It looks like The Artist is coming to our little town (albeit a little college town) so fingers crossed for Birmingham!

  2. Wow. I'm way out of the movie loop, so this was nowhere on my radar. It is now. Thanks!

  3. I was intrigued by a preview I saw, but now I'm really interested in seeing this! I had no idea that leadership didn't come easily to her - I wouldn't have guessed that.


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