Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Quick update: Wee Writing Retreat in Utah was WONDERFUL. And yes, there was snow! And laughter! And I completed the first draft of my latest poetry project! Woohooooo! Here's some pics:

Something I loved: you know how in holiday cards sometimes the artist will cast the snowy world in blue? Well, at dusk, IT REALLY DOES LOOK LIKE THAT. So beautiful.

 And we have a winner for THE LIONS OF LITTLE ROCK by Kristin Levine! booksreachthestars Congratulations, and let me hear from you about that mailing address.

Finally, I wanted to share this: I had my blog converted to a printed volume (well, TWO volumes, actually...I've been doing this blogging for a long time!) at Blog2Print, and It. Is. Awesome. Funny thing: I'm reading back over my posts from 2005, and I'm like, ooh, I love that! I needed to hear that! That's it, exactly. It sort of verifies my claim that the person I am writing for ultimately is ME, at all my ages and incarnations. Anyone else out there feel that way?

Oh, and this morning I got a Hold Notice from my library for THE ONE AND ONLY IVAN. I'm excited!

And one more thing: if you noticed some changes on my blog, that's because Youngest Son has been experimenting. (He likes to switch up blog design the way some girls like to change clothes. I love it!)

Wishing everyone a happy day!


  1. Your observations of the blue snowy eve is what I see too. Dusk is the best, most beautiful time. Your photos are beautiful. It sounds wonderful to put your blog into a book. One of the bloggers I'm in touch with told about receiving her blog book for a Christmas gift. Maybe after I've blogged a while... I'm almost to my one year anniversary, so have a ways to go to do what you've accomplished.

  2. Gorgeous pictures! How did you stop yourself from ditching the retreat and just hiking (or skiing) around? What a great idea, saving your blog posts. I love that your son is interested in helping you out by playing around with your blog design.


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