Thursday, February 16, 2012


1. Snow Don't get much white stuff here in central Alabama -- which is yet another reason I'm excited to be traveling this weekend to Park City, Utah, where I will be hanging out with all sorts of lovely author-friends for a wee wintry writing retreat. I've got the mittens and earmuffs in my bag!

2. Downton Abbey Hubby and I will watch this week's episode TONIGHT, thereby getting us all caught up for the season finale next week! This is happy AND sad news. Unless there's another such series we can find on Netflix and latch onto...

3. Birthday February is all about ME, 'round here, and even though my birthday doesn't come till late in the month, there have already been some sweet celebrations. Yesterday I got THE COOLEST handmade book bag in the mail from THE COOLEST friend who knows I adore handmade, thoughtful things. Thank you, Pat! (I would post a pic, but I don't want to inspire any thieves or stalkers. Mine. All mine!)

4. A MONSTER CALLS by Patrick Ness. Quite an emotional read. And so full of TRUTH, I very nearly wept. Such an honest book. I love how the author allows 13 year old Conor the emotion of anger. I think we forget sometimes (or rather, push aside, because it's scary/uncomfortable) how even younger children can feel powerful, overwhelming anger. How refreshing, this book. And a good reminder to those of us writing for kids: yes, kids get angry. Sometimes, very VERY angry. It's part of life.


  1. Have fun in Utah! I'm definitely jealous.

    Try "Monarch of the Glen." Great series on Netflix.

    Happy birthday!

  2. Your Utah trip sounds wonderful-a true getaway to celebrate your birthday in another way! Nice to get a few surprises sometime. I agree with you about A Monster Calls-truly a beautiful book-maybe for everyone who works with adolescents should read it? The illustrations were wonderful too.

  3. Up here in the North we're not getting much snow either. Yesterday we had a brief sprinkling bit it didn't stick.
    A Monster Calls sounds fascinating.

  4. I like warmer weather myself. Ken and I sat at Gator Joe's watching people waterski. It was in the high 70's.

    Happyy b-day too!


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