Monday, August 27, 2012


Have you ever wished you could just order up the perfect person?

That's what Calvin does in the movie Ruby Sparks. He's a novelist who was a young sensation a number of years past, and since then he's been blocked. And lonely.

What's a struggling writer to do?

Calvin pecks away at his typewriter, creates a wonderful character named Ruby Sparks from Dayton, Ohio (because it sounds romantic) and voila, the next morning, there she is, offering to take the dog out for his walk.

As you can imagine, Calvin is kind of freaked out. Also, as you can imagine, Calvin's brother can't believe this is happening. Here's a girl who will do anything Calvin wants! Calvin, with a stroke of his typewriter, can make Ruby do and be whatever suits his fancy. Big brother admonishes Calvin, on behalf of men everywhere, to not let this wonderful opportunity go to waste.

Well. Turns out having complete control of someone ain't all peaches-n-cream. It doesn't work, it doesn't make Calvin happy. Because the person who needs to change is not Calvin's girlfriend, whomever she might be, but Calvin himself.

We were delighted and amused, and it stoked our imaginations. What a great premise! And holy adorableness, Zoe Kazan was perfect in this part.


  1. I was born in Dayton, Ohio...could I be perfect??? noooo don't think so :)

  2. Aha. I see I've missed a whole bunch of your movie thoughts! I'll be back later. :)


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