Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Can you see those jellyfish?? Or, if in a petri dish, sperm...

And here is a quote for you:

"The clouds, 
-the only birds that never sleep."
-Victor Hugo


  1. Although not a huge fan of jellyfish, I do love a beautiful cloud! And a cloud poem. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh I so love the idea of jellyfish swimming in sky... xo, a.

  3. Hi Irene,

    When I was in Australia we went to an aquarium. In a slightly darkened room there were many tanks of jellies. They pulsated and flowed, innocent and lovely. In the tank. I found it so peaceful I thought I could tell my blood pressure was dropping and I didn't want to leave. Isn't it interesting how dangerous they are.

    I have always loved playing the cloud game. I grew up on Long Island so cumulus clouds hung out fairly often compared to where I am now in the Finger Lakes....we just have many grey days, but when I find cloud pictures I stare and stare.

    I bet there are YouTube videos I could find of jellies in tanks. Thanks for the hint!

  4. Lovely image, Irene.

  5. Nice! And the best thing about the ocean sky? No worries about stinging tentacles!

  6. Yes--absolutely a jellyfish sky! Thanks for showing/sharing this!!


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