Monday, April 22, 2013


All month I've been meaning to write about the awesomeness that is Poetry magazine, how they give away all those copies every year to anyone who wants them, and how this particular issue has much to love.

Like this poem, one of two by Mary Moore Easter:

Mama Said...
        (there'll be days like this.)
                          - The Shirelles

These folks 'bout to respect me into the grave.

At eighty mama said, (mama said)
     "People think you change when you're old
      but you still got a girl inside."

And men could see her, too

complete poem here

Don't you love it? Of course I am fond of Mama wisdom, as readers of LEAVING GEE'S BEND know.

Oh, and Happy Earth Day! My son who has been writing a poem a day this month had an extra requirement for today's poem... must include something from nature. I'm excited to read what he comes up with.

Yesterday I heard US Poet Laureate Natasha Tretheway read and answer questions at University of West Georgia. She chose poems on the themes of ekphrasis and elegy, which was awesome for me, because I have a workshop to lead this coming Saturday in Vicksburg on the topic of ekphrasis. Now I'll be including one of Natasha's poems from her book BELLOCQ'S OPHELIA.

So, another busy week, as if oft the case in April. I'm excited to see the Progressive Poem continuing on its way -- and to see what everyone else has up their sleeves.

More soon!


  1. Good luck on your Saturday ekphrasis workshop! An example of that genre is our e-book P*TAG; have you seen it? Two reliable crowd-pleasers in that collection are the prose piece and poem by Allan Wolf (inspired by a photo of a bunch of parked bicycles) and Naomi Shihab Nye's prose piece and poem inspired by a photo of a blue bucket. (Photos were taken by Sylvia Vardell.) This book looks pretty good on an iPad--do you have an iPad?

    1. Thank you, Janet - I do have P*TAG and this round out my presentation very well. Thank you!!!


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