Thursday, May 23, 2013


This is my first-ever t-shirt quilt. I learned that they are harder to create than they look! Since I am the Queen of Shortcuts, I thought, nah, I don't need to use stabilizer... I'll just pin and go really slow. Well. That turned out to be far too time consuming and not nearly as accurate as I wanted. So a-ironing I went! And it took FOREVER. That really was the worst part of the whole project. But look how neat and precise it turned out?! If you look closely you can see that I actually constructed the quilt in blocks. I wanted them to be a little "crazy," so I didn't worry about the blocks being exactly the same size. Then I uses more t-shirt pieces to create a border.

Lots 'o memories preserved here... and maybe a gift more for the mom than the kid, but Daniel seemed pleased. He may be really ready to leave high school behind, but all these things represented here have made him who he is and will continue to impact his life. He did say something about how well-made it is, which amused me -- the interfacing actually gives it a heavier, more professional feel. Love when things work out like that. :)

And now my sister has delivered a box of t-shirts, and my father said his box of t-shirts is on the way. I think I may have started something... good thing I love to quilt!


  1. Wow! Your son is very lucky to receive such a beautiful, sentimental, and practical gift to take with him into is life post-HS. Great job, Mom.

  2. That is brilliant!

  3. Well done! Sounds like you've really started something! I am not quilt-handy, so I am lucky that my mom is. She made a quilt for my oldest (who is graduating from high school in a week) and she also made her an afghan. Congrats to Daniel (and you)!

  4. love that quilt... I need to get back to the sewing machine... I have two quilts ready to put together but no time... I thought old age was when you did what you wanted to do??

  5. It will give more sanctification that which is I wore is made by my family members or me.

  6. It looks great, Irene! I still have so many T-shirts I want to turn into a quilt ...


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