Monday, May 27, 2013


On Saturday it was my joy and honor to join other local poets at Ruffner Mountain Nature Center for a nature-themed poetry reading. We met in a room walled with windows overlooking the spring-green woods. It actually reminded me of the church where Paul and I were married, which also has those giant windows... except on that day (in April) the spring-green was punctuated by dogwood-white and azalea-pink. Gorgeous, both.

So here's the poets:
me, Alicia, Joan, Tabitha, Suzanne, Bob, Jerri, Manny, Robert

On the way out of the center, I noticed a sign announcing a "Full Moon Nature Hike -  Tonight." Paul and I already had a hot date planned, but we did take time out to snap this photo, in honor of my "sky" year:

And now it's Memorial Day. So many folks to remember, so much to be grateful for. Thank you thank you thank you. Hope yours is a happy one!

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  1. That full flower moon hike must have been a good one, Irene. Looks like a wonderful poetry reading too. Have a great day, and so glad you are remembering!


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