Sunday, June 2, 2013


Aldridge Gardens is one of my favorite spots in the Birmingham metro area any time of the year. Add art and it approaches the divine.

Here's some of the natural art:

Hydrangeas, how I love thee!

And here's one of the displays where I found treasure:

That's right: upcycled journals! The artist takes the covers and even some of the pages from these books, adds plain white paper and binds with spiral. I bought a few to give as gifts. :) Here's a close-up of one I considered for myself:

But I wasn't there to buy for myself! Eric and I found things for every person on our list. And it was fun and inspiring and pretty much a perfect Saturday.


  1. My daughter had an art class where they made journals like these using old children's books-- they used not only the covers, but some of the illustrated pages, interspersed with white pages. Truly wonderful, I agree. I'm waiting for her to make one for me!

  2. I love these upcycled journals. I am wondering how they are made. From old picture books? I kind of have the idea but am still a bit curious. Love them. Not to mention my favorites, the hydrangea's!!!
    Janet F.

  3. oops! hydrangeas (no apostrophe needed!!!)

  4. it must have been the weekend for perfect days... I had one too I wonder how they got those hydrangeas to bloom so early Everyone's around here is just getting ready to bloom

  5. Great idea for a different way to do altered books, Irene. They look wonderful. And the hydrangeas-wow! My peonies are just about to "burst" & I find it hard to wait! Sounds like a nice day!

  6. Hi, Irene. I'm looking forward to that Wandering Wildebeest! It sounds like you have a busy summer underway.


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