Wednesday, June 5, 2013


My father sent me this quote, from THE SHARKS OF LAKE NICARAGUA by Randy Wayne White:

"Adventure-travel is any activity used as a conduit to observe, share, enjoy, suffer, encounter, or experience that which is outside the boundaries of one’s own day-to-day life.  You don’t have to go to Thailand or Central America to be an adventurer-traveler, but you can.  And it’s probably better not to have a specific goal, but there are no requirements about that, either.  'Boundaries' is the operative word here; real, implied, or imagined, if your body or mind crosses a boundary, you are doing it."
                                                                         ~Randy Wayne White~

Are you an adventurer-traveler too?

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  1. Any kind of travel that steps out of the safe boundaries of what is generally considered recreational travel can have psychological and pedagogical benefits. Such benefits might include strengthened confidence, a broadened world-view, foreign language acquisition, cross-cultural skills, and so on. People usually think of adventure travel as something physically adventurous, such as kayaking down a wild river or scaling a high mountain. But adventure travel could mean almost anything that takes you out of your mental and cognitive box. Visiting an Ashram, living with a foreign host family and learning their language and cultures, traveling in a radically different culture,these and more would qualify.


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