Wednesday, August 7, 2013


fishy quilt

butterfly quilt

"dog" side of  cat/dog quilt

"cat" side of cat/dog quilt

Two of these were gifts, but I decided to keep the cat/dog quilt. :) If I were to make a quilt for you, what theme would you want it to be??


  1. These are so beautifully creative. I love the quilts I have from my relatives, Irene. That cat/dog quilt is amazing. There is a Native American, Pueblo bird weaving at our art museum. I think I would like a bird quilt!

  2. that is strange... Linda picked my choice... I'm going to make a bird quilt one day

  3. Love the pics of the quilts, but sadly I'm not a quilter. Many quilters in my family, but I'd rather read. So make my quilt book-themed. If you can't find enough fabric for books, then I would choose snowmen. I read Leaving Gee's Bend last summer, and I'm currently reading Don't Feed the Boy. I love both books! Thanks for the Valerie Worth poem series. She's one of my favorite poets.


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