Monday, August 5, 2013



You can walk all around this great big world
or climb up mountains to tread on high.
But never, in a ga-zillion steps,
can you walk out from under
the big blue

- Kelly Bills

Kelly Bills writes poetry for children and the kid inside us all. While attending the MTSU Writer's Loft Program, she stumbled upon concrete/visual poetry and has been working to build a collection of her own. Her most recent project is adapting famous classic verse into a concrete format for children– a visual translation of sorts to reintroduce the classics with a twist! Her website is

Thank you, Kelly, for sharing your wonderful poem with us today! Do you have a sky poem or pic? I would love to feature it here. Email me at irene at irenelatham dot com.

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  1. Very fun poem, and observation! Would be fun to talk about this with younger children, wouldn't it?


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