Monday, January 13, 2014

A Poet's Dozen

Sky-big thanks to the dozen poets who shared work with us at Poetry in the Sky with Cupcakes: top row, l-r (Matt Layne, Alicia Clavell, Bob Collins, Jim Reed, Susan Luther, Bonnie Roberts & Joe Whitten, Robert Boliek; bottom row, l-r (Tabitha Bozeman, Irene Latham, Andrew Glaze, Alabama Poet Laureate & Jerri Beck)

Truly, I cannot express what a glorious event this was! Thanks to everyone who came out to share it... and to those far-flung... lots of "we are star-dust" vibes in the air. Really great poems! And cupcakes:
This pic features chocolate ones I made, but Tabatha's were much prettier. Thank you, Tab!

This week I am WRITING. Finally. Happy day to everyone... .especially my third bouncing baby boy who arrived this day 14 years ago. Love you, sweet boy!

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