Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Poets in the Sky with Cupcakes!

Today is the official release of my latest book of poems for adults, THE SKY BETWEEN US. Yay! I'm pretty excited about the celebration we've got planned for Saturday.... pretty amazing lineup of poets, yes? Hope to see you there! You can order personalized books on my website, and there's Amazon, of course... local indies Reed Books and Alabama Booksmith can also fix you up!


  1. Hi Irene. Your blog makes a difference in my life and I have nominated you for a Sunshine Award. Thanks for all you do with your writing. A link to my blog and your nomination is below.


  2. cute tag for an event... wish I could make it but alas... I would be the cupcake anyway... sending you a big congratulation hug ... love your book but "the color of lost rooms" still has my heart and soul

  3. Wish I could fly right over, Irene. I have the book, arrived today! Congratulations many times over!


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