Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A Survival Story with Heart: ICE DOGS by Terry Lynn Johnson

I love dog stories.

I love survival stories.

I love adventure stories that pulse with emotion.

ICE DOGS by Terry Lynn Johnson is all of these things! And it should be: Terry is herself an experienced outdoorswoman and musher. She LOVES dogs. It shows in her writing!

So far it has garnered all sorts of lovely reviews and was selected as a Junior Library Guild Selection. And doesn't it have a gorgeous cover?

Here are some things I learned:

Mushers bait the water with chicken parts to entice sled dogs to drink, and drink quickly, before water freezes.

Trappers hide cabin keys in the outhouse.

Don't leave home without your dog booties.

Sled dogs bark and yowl and gripe until you command them to do the thing they love best: run!

A wolf pack just might save your life, if you happen upon the remains of a kill and take some for yourself.

Thank you, Terry, for a page-turner! I enjoyed meeting Vicky and Chris and the whole team -- and I savored every word of their story.

Readers, don't miss this one! xo

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