Wednesday, February 5, 2014

It's Snowing Kindness!

Welcome to another edition of Wonderful World Wednesday! You probably heard about last week's winter snowstorm... or for those local, you didn't just hear about it! When schools across the city suddenly announced school closure, we parents rushed to collect them... as the snow was starting to fall. We had NO warning about the storm -- all satellite data indicated it would pass just north of us. So our city was car-jammed, icy and paralyzed.

Two of my sons and I got stuck downtown. The youngest and I camped out at Alabama School of Fine Arts, where we were well taken care of, and, frankly, the boy was in complete heaven. The oldest decided to hoof it home... all 10 miles. It took him three hours. Some folks picked him up so that he could thaw a bit as they inched down the highway. Some folks were helping to push cars out of icy spots. Kindness everywhere!

Meanwhile, back at ASFA, the faculty and staff made it a once-in-a-lifetime party. Mr. J dragged out mattresses for all the parents. Dorm kids gathered extra blankets and pillows and soap and towels, and left it in the hallways for anyone who needed it. The library loaned us books. We were fed and sheltered and not once allowed to panic or despair. Kindness.

And now, backing up: my youngest son was wearing flip-flops. That's right: FLIP-FLOPS. Normally this is not a problem in Alabama, even in January. So we needed shoes and socks.

Across the street from the school, the city opened Boutwell Auditorium to serve as a warming station for the homeless population. We popped over there to see if, by chance, they had shoes.

They didn't. But they did have socks. And hats. And gloves. And heavier jackets. And snacks and cots and laughter... and HUGS. I was so moved in those moments... people who have little to nothing giving everything.

Thank you. I cannot express my gratitude. I promise to pay it forward!
Eric in his Subway-bag wrapped feet and flip-flops!

p.s. Middle son and husband also had adventures including a car wreck, a cold hike, and being stranded overnight at the office with staff and clients! Yikes! Once in a lifetime, indeed.....


  1. What an adventure, Irene! People always seem to find ways to show us how good they are. I am glad you are safe and wish you no more snow! (We are getting 4-7 inches today. Hee hee!) xo, a.

  2. Oh my goodness, flip flops! When we moved from Atlanta to Virginia, it was February -- I got out of the truck in shorts and there was snow on the ground! Totally unprepared.
    So glad that people rose to the occasion during your snowstorm :-)

  3. was so worried about y'all... that one text meant so much


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