Monday, November 10, 2014

Manifesto-ing on a Monday #bloglikecrazy

Today's #bloglikecrazy prompt from Javacia Bowser is "Write your manifesto." It's a great prompt, and something I try to do every few years. Here's my most recent, as it appears in my latest book of poems for adults THE SKY BETWEEN US.
Cartographer’s Creed

We don’t believe in perfection.
We thrive on striving,
we give credit where due.
Arrows warn of steep climbing—

or precipitous descent.
Curving contour lines
offer temporary respite.
Every road ends on

or off the map,
merging with others,
with mountains or meadows.
Just because a lake

isn’t sketched and marked
doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.
Despite what we’ve been taught,
the legend is not

what’s most important.
Explore, meander.
Leave something out;
allow mystery to watercolor

and soften the ink.
Be tender as you unfold.
Treasure the places
tucked into creases.

- Irene Latham

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