Tuesday, November 11, 2014

DON'T FEED THE BOY Summer Giveaway Update! #bloglikecrazy

Today's #bloglikecrazy prompt from Javacia Bowser is "post a Q&A with a woman you admire." Love it! And I have done it lots of times. Today I want to revisit a interview I posted with Laura Shovan about her work as editor at Little Patuxent Review. I believe their submissions period for the "food" issue just closed, but keep an eye out -- they always have interesting themes! 

And now, even though the leaves are finally turning yellow, I want to turn your attention back to summer.

 Remember back in June when I hosted a giveaway of a classroom set (25!) to celebrate the paperback release of DON'T FEED THE BOY? Many of you sent in pics of you at a zoo and/or joined me for Zoo Days during June or July. FUN. Michelle Heidenrich Barnes was the lucky winner, and she donated the books to P. K. Yonge Developmental Research School in Gainesville, Florida. Go Blue Wave!

Here are some pics of Mrs. Haynes 5th Grade Advisory Group including Parris, Taylor, Ayonna, A'shawna, Daniela & Mrs. Haynes:

Thank you SO MUCH for reading! 

And thanks to Michelle and to student photographer Savannah for taking the shots. Nothing pleases a writer's heart more than seeing readers enjoying a book. And if it's one that writer has written? AWESOME.

Finally: Happy Veteran's Day! Thanks to those service men and women AND their families for their gift to all of us.

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  1. It was wonderful to witness in person too, Irene! Your generous donation will reach many eager hands and happy faces. :) Thank you again!


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