Wednesday, November 12, 2014

November Poem #bloglikecrazy

Today's prompt from Javacia Bowser is to use your favorite Instagram images as a prompt for writing. Instead, I am pairing a recent Instagram pic (taken in my backyard) with a poem I wrote years ago. It actually appears in my book of  poems WHAT CAME BEFORE, which was released in 2007, so wow, been a while!

To freshen it up for today, I am experimenting with creating images on picmonkey. It's fun! And frustrating. I'm learning. Happy November!


Even the sky
is naked

now, brisk air
having finally

chased off
the clouds.

Trees sway
in the backyard,

wind pushes
my collar up

as yellow-brown

tear across
the lawn

in a dance
that can only

be done
when all else

has been stripped
away ---

like just before
our lips touch,

or just after.

- Irene Latham


Your thoughts?