Thursday, November 13, 2014

Music & Me #bloglikecrazy

Today's #bloglikecrazy prompt from Javacia Bowser is "Write about your favorite CD of the year thus far."

Truth is, I don't buy many CDs; I have Spotify. :) And I often chauffeur my 14 year old son who uses the opportunity to plays for me music of his choosing, including some of his own original pieces.

Most of the time in the car I am listening to a book on tape. Sometimes, recently, I've been listening various fiddle music -- mostly Mark O'Connor, whose work is completely amazing. At Jazzercise, the songs are not selected by me and are from a wide variety of genres - which suits me fine. All this to say, there's a lot of music in my life, but not a lot of CD time!

My husband did, however, recently get Bob Seger's latest RIDE OUT when he got us tickets to see him in concert (January 2015. Yay!). And I love it! The whole CD. I'm torn between sharing "Adam and Eve" or "You Take Me In." The latter wins, because I am ever the sucker for a love song.

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