Saturday, November 1, 2014

Why I Blog #bloglikecrazy

So my friend Javacia Bowser of See Jane Write issued a challenge for November: #bloglikecrazy! In other words, write a blog post a day during the month. I thought, well what a great idea for those who have the time. But not me. I'm far too busy during November!

AND THEN Javacia sent along a prompt for each day. 30 fabulous prompts. Prompts I really wanted to discover my own answers to. So. Here I am! Day 1. Why I Blog. Thanks, Javacia. :)

I blog to SHARE and to CONNECT. I've been blogging since November of 2005. NINE YEARS. Wowza!

This space allows me to SHARE things that are important to me - art, family, books, poetry, people, travel, food.... I've often said to others that my blog is for those who want to know more about me. I don't promote my blog or think of it in monetary terms; it's simply there for those who want it. (Perfect for introverted me!)

...and to CONNECT with others who have similar interests. Some of my favorite people in the world are ones I discovered through blogging communities, like Poetry Friday. It's a beautiful thing! I also use this space to publicly acknowledge those wonderful readers/teachers/librarians who have touched my life in small and tremendous ways.

Some  years I blog more than others. Over my lifetime as a blogger, my most regular schedule is 3 times a week. Every two years I use Blog to Print to bind a copy of my posts. It's a wonderful record! Truly a web log, a journal of sorts, a scrapbook of some aspects of my life.

Thank you for reading! :)


  1. Nine years! I'm impressed! So glad you keep going -- you are a breath of fresh air :-) Blog to Print sounds interesting. I may look into it...

  2. Wow-Irene, nine years is a long time. Good for you for continuing on. Even in the short time I've been blogging I've "met" a few bloggers whose posts I enjoyed, & they've stopped. I'm glad you're here! I know about Blog To Print, & should do it. Once in awhile I worry that I'll lose it all. Happy Sunday!


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