Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloweenie Poetry Friday!

Hello, and welcome! My offering for today is a trio of Halloweenie poems for my Poetry Friday friends! I bet there will be lots of sweet and scary poetic surprises around the webs today, so be sure to visit lovely Linda at TeacherDance for Roundup.

by Lilian Moore

Strange shadows out
in the white
of the moon

shaggy humps
dark baggy bumps

bat shapes
pointed heads

Strange shadows out
all tricking and treating.

Such sadness: now that the youngest is 6'2"... we have no trick-or-treaters this year! I remember those dressed-up Halloween nights with such fondness -- and not just because I love me some bite-sized candy. Reese's, anyone? Peppermint patty? Mmmm....

by Valerie Worth

After its lid
Is cut, the slick
Seeds and stuck
Wet strings
Scooped out,
Walls scraped
Dry and white,
Face carved, candle
Fixed and lit,

Light creeps
Into the thick
Rind: giving
That dead orange
Vegetable skull
Warm skin, making
A live head
To hold its
Sharp gold grin.

I also miss carving the Jack-o-lantern. Every few years I'll get out my carving tools and try to create something fun... but mostly I am content to put my uncarved pumpkins on the front stoop. I do LOVE pumpkin seeds, though... it's just easier to snag a bag at Walmart.

by Valerie Worth

Is it the
Curve of their
Breezy ribs, the
Crook of their
Elegant fingers,

Their eyeless
Eyes, so wide
And wise,
Their silent
Ivory laughter,

The frisk and
Prance of their
Skittering dance
With never a
Pause for breath,

That fills us
With such
Delicious delight,
While scaring us
Half to death?

The one decoration that has survived the 20 years of our parenthood is the life-sized plastic skeleton. We still hang it in the front yard every year -- and every year we recall the times the youngest was scared to go in the basement because the skeleton was there... and the time his older brother pulled a prank on him by leaving the skeleton for him to find IN THE SHOWER. Yep, that did a number on him, much to Oldest Son's delight. Oh, brothers....

However you celebrate the night -- or even if you don't celebrate at all -- here's wishing you "delicious delight" this evening!


  1. For some reason, Halloween is that one day that I reminisce and miss the days of young children. Love the Valerie Worth carving pumpkin poem. I can smell the pumpkin.

  2. Love each one, Irene. I used to get all the Peppermint Patties because my children didn't like them! Fun story about your skeleton. That would be quite a fright in the shower! Love "Sharp gold grin.". Happy Halloween to you wherever the evening finds you!

  3. Wonderful poems -- and that skeleton story is great!

  4. Triple fun here today! Thanks, Irene. And if I were young enough to trick-or-treat, I would want to collect plenty of Baby Ruth candy bars :-)

  5. Perfect poems from two greats...thanks for sharing!

  6. "The curve of their breezy ribs" – that by itself gives me a shiver! Thanks for picking out these seasonal sweets for us. BTW, you have my permission to go to the store and buy yourself a bag of bite-sized treats even if you don't have a trick-or-treater in the house. Might not taste as good, though.

  7. Thanks for the poems and for the story about your boys. Happy Halloween.

  8. Great selections, Irene! A skeleton in the shower? That would scar me for life. LOL! =)

  9. I love these three. Love the work of Valerie Worth. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Three fabulous Halloween poems, Irene. Yes, sad feelings at my house too - no more kids at home to dress and walk around the block with.

  11. Wonderful Halloween poems to go with sweet memories of those little boys.


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